PCB Manufacturing Services

As one of leading printed circuit board manufacturers based in China, Pcb Loop has been offering international companies of all sizes with high-quality PCB prototype to production services at fair price for 14 years. To make professional and advanced circuit boards, we're committed to adhering to the strictest standards during PCB manufacturing process.

Adipisicing elit

the strictest standards during production, procuring materials and components from authorized distributors.

PCB Assembly Services

To deliver true value and convenience to our PCB fabrication clients, we expand our business to components sourcing and turnkey PCB Assembly services ranging from prototype, low-to-middle volume to high volume up to 1 million pcs. We can mount components on circuit boards using surface mount technology (SMT),through-hole technology (THT), and manual insertion: -High quality assembly services with short lead times -No minimum order .

16-layer HDI PCB

Layers: 16 Finished thickness: 2.8 mm Surface finish: ENIG -electroless nickle/immersion gold - RoHS Min. tracing/spacing: 5.2 mil/2.8 mil Min. annular ring: 4.53 mil Min. diameter via: 0.1 mm Size: 3.54 inch*2.75 inch Technique characteristics: 16-layer PCB with high wiring density, fine lines and spacing, microvias and high connection pad density

Heavy copper PCB

Layers: 12 Finished thickness: 3.0 mm Surface finish: ENIG -electroless nickle/immersion gold - RoHS Min. tracing/spacing: 10 mil/9.75 mil Min. annular ring: 6.625 mil Min. diameter via: 0.3 mm Size: 5.19 inch*4.86 inch


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We will refund if the PCB quality is not not as described or is with defects

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Types the panels

  • Standard PCBs

  • Normal FR4 PCBs and complex PCBs with full features such as HDI PCBs, high TG PCBs, thick copper PCBs and halogen-free PCBs.
  • Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
  • Quality: Standard IPC2
  • Build time: 5 days-15 weeks
  • Material: FR4
  • Layers: 1-16
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  • PCB Assembly Services

  • Turnkey or consigned PCB assembly services. Surface mount for both SMD and through-hole components.
  • Fulfillment: Turnkey or kitted
  • Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
  • Quality: IPC Class III
  • Build time: 8-15 days
  • Other Option: Custom testing
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Just like PCB business, our PCBA services also specialize in prototyping

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